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Rady a tipy

For approximate calculation can use the price list, which includes indicative prices.

Prices for chrome plating are calculated for the removal of the original coating, grinding, polishing, anti-corrosive nickel and chromium.

Parts damaged - abrasion, contortion, deformation, lack of agreement holders can be repaired, the price is determined individually.

Award all contracts can be valued by some photo (emailed), specifically the delivery and removal of the original finishes and identify the degree of corrosion depth and mechanical damage.

Take over the clean parts of lubricants and oils, but the surface no grudge and no sand!

Motorcycle tanks

Pre-war from 6000 CZK
the post-war from 3800 CZK .

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle rims from 2500 CZK
Hubs 1000-2500 CZK
Shields brake 800-1400 CZK
Muffler 2000-3000 CZK
Elbows exhausts 1000-2500 CZK
Brake Levers 300-600 CZK
Gear lever 300-700 CZK
Starter lever 350-600 CZK
Handlebars 700-1300 CZK
Springs, spirals 150-600 CZK
Cap 250-600 CZK
RIMS 300-800 CZK
Headlights-pot 700-1500 CZK
Ornamental moldings 150-600 CZK
Front Suspension glider 700 CZK
Set the cover back glider shuttlecock 1500 CZK
Horn cover 350 CZK
Fenders from 1500 CZK
Carriers from 500 CZK
Side Door Jawa from 1000 CZK
Attachment-nuts, bolts, axes, 15-100 CZK

Automotive Parts

Bumpers from 5000 CZK/ ks
Bumpers on U.S. cars from 8000 CZK /ks
Tears of the bumper from 600 CZK /ks
Wheel guards from 1000 CZK /ks
Grille from od 3500 CZK /ks
Decorative moldings from od 150 CZK /ks

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